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Accidents, Fargo, Snow, and other reasons November receives a downgrade

Status Update:

It's not you it's me... oh wait it is you conversations and funerals in addition to accidents (mildly special one for me and a mildly serious one for Glenn) and Fargo leave me with the impression of November 2007...

I gave NaNo the old college try, which is code for I started off strong and then put it off and tried to make a comeback in the eleventh hour but failed to get an extension on the month of November.  I decided not only do I not believe in timelines but I renounce my belief in calendars as well.  You can tell me that Jesus was born and this created the B.C. A.D. rift situation but then why isn't Christmas and New Years on the same day?  And why are all of the calendar companies selling me 365-day calendars on a leap year?  It is all a scam I tell you.

Speaking of scams... I signed on to sell Avon out of a combination of boredom and a need for lip gloss to be delivered to my house.  We will see how that goes.  

I sort of got into another car accident after a long weekend in Fargo where I went to the V.I.P. grand opening of the formerly known as Playmakers which was dubbed The Hub one night and saw the band October Road another night... a time that can only be called "interesting" because "ChiChi" had a fabulous time.  The accident was a result of Saturday morning blizzard fun in which a combination of ice, skidding, and attemptedd correcting led to more ice, skidding and a ditch.  For the most part it was like driving a pick-up with 2-wheel drive into a ditch at 70 miles an hour and driving out with the 4-wheel drive on while continuing the journey home at a speed of what-the-hell-just-happened.

It was a hell of a way to close out the November from what-ever-place-sucks-more-than-hell... December is looking up.


Hobo Chic

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