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Hobo Chic

And now for something completely...

I was going on a perfectly emo rant about farming sucking but the page disappeared thanks to my pop up blocker for some reason or another, so the abridged version.  Creepy hired men like being paid but not working because they are scamming the medical system.  The tornado missed it's target by about a mile because she is still next door.  The tornado did however manage to bring the hail storm through... twice.  I am sure the rainbow over our house while the rain, tornado, and hail were going full force was meant to be ironic.

But somewhere over the emo there is a silver lining and possibly an incredibly witty hipster fairytale by the sound of that phrase... anyway... I spent the day in Canada with Ma on Wednesday.  While she got her hair did I bought and read about a third of Stardust and it is magic.  I got the same hair cut that Miss Manitoba got when she came to get her hair did so I find that mildly amusing.  And then we spent the day and our money on incredibly useless albeit somewhat delightful things like clothing and jewelry that I didn't need but who am I to argue with five dollar pants? 

So continuing on this theme of I don't know what I bring you the song that vh1 played me that made my morning cup of coffee that much better...

Vanessa Carlton - Nolita Fairytale


Hobo Chic

July 2008

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